I believe in the innate value, potential and basic orientation for good of all human beings. I provide a safe and confidential space without judgment. I embrace transparency and authenticity and share these gifts in connection with others. You will be honored and respected as an individual and author of your own journey without manipulation or coercion. I seek humility, transparency, and compassion  in all that I do while expressing gratitude for all I experience. I am a coach.

TYPES OF COACHING I PROVIDE: Individual, business development, career development, and relationship coaching. My areas of specialization include conflict resolution, public speaking, change management, agile, software development, life transitions, meeting facilitation, small team dynamics, and non-traditional relationship frameworks.

METHODS OR TECHNIQUES USED:  I use an integrated approach to coaching, drawn from various psychological & social maps. As human beings we are more complex than we realize and so the best possibility for lasting change often includes a mix of solutions from our internal individual, internal social, and external individual/social spaces. I partner with you in our coaching sessions to unlock solutions that fit you and your needs above any particular psychological technique I might personally endorse. Our goal together will be to unlock your perception and provide you with the best options that fit your own lifestyle and ability to change. My coaching stance is one of engaged neutrality, empathy, curiosity, and collaboration. I seek to enable significant and lasting change that will continue long after our coaching sessions have ended.

FEE INFORMATION & CANCELLATION POLICY: My fee ($115 for individuals/$135 for couples) is payable at the end of session. I do not bill insurance.

APPOINTMENTS: Regular coaching appointments are 50 minutes in length. Longer appointments can sometimes be arranged. My normal workweek is Monday through Friday. If I begin late, your time will be extended so that you receive your full time. If you are late, your time will not be extended. If you must cancel your appointment, please contact me at least 24 hours in advance. This allows me to see other clients in the opening and plan accordingly. You will be responsible for the fee when cancellations are received less than 24 hours in advance. The only exception to this are medical or family emergencies. You can book an available appointment right now from a real time app on this website.

PHONE CONTACT: My phone number is (707) 408-3343. I have voicemail available on which you may leave confidential messages. I do my best to return messages within 24 business hours, but please be aware that there may be times when I am unable to receive or respond to messages, such as when out of cellular range or out of town. In case of emergency, I suggest that you contact a 24-hour crisis line at (888)849-5728, or go immediately to your local hospital emergency room. If it is more convenient for you I also offer phone & web conference consultations. I am not usually available late evenings or weekends, so if you need to reach me at these times it will be necessary to arrange this ahead of time. I do not usually charge for brief (less than 10 minutes) phone conversations. I do charge for extended or multiple phone calls. Please note that SMS (normal phone text messages) are not designed for emergency contact. SMS text messages are not private and can be delayed in delivery and, on rare occasions, lost. Please refrain from using SMS as your method of communicating with me.

INTERNET CONTACT:  I read email twice a day (morning/afternoon) and reply as I am able. You can use email to communicate with me for non-urgent messages. If you need a faster response it may be better to call me and leave a message. You should also know that email is not a reliably confidential communication method. Please keep email messages brief, with as much a focus on pure logistics as possible (schedule, contact information, etc). Due to the unreliable nature of email confidentiality, I will not address coaching issues with you via that forum. I do not create social media relationships with my clients, nor will I go to your social media pages to collect information about you.

CONFIDENTIALITY: Information identifying you and your healing process is confidential and cannot be disclosed without your written consent. Exceptions to this are: 1) If you are a danger to yourself or others; 2) If the information involves the current abuse of a child, developmentally disabled person, or a dependent adult; 3) If the courts require such information. Should disclosure of confidential information be necessary, I will work with you as respectfully and directly as possible.

REGARDING THIRD-PARTY ACCESS TO COMMUNICATIONS: Please know that if we use electronic communications methods, such as email, texting, and there are various technicians and administrators who maintain these services and may have access to the content of those communications. In some cases, these accesses are more likely than in others. Of special consideration are work email addresses. If you use your work email to communicate with me, your employer may access our email communications. There may be similar issues involved in school email or other email accounts associated with organizations that you are affiliated with. Additionally, people with access to your computer, mobile phone, and/or other devices may also have access to your email and/or text messages. Please take a moment to contemplate the risks involved if any of these persons were to access the messages we exchange with each other.

CLIENT RIGHTS: If you have any concerns about your experience, please discuss it with me. If you feel I have been unethical or unprofessional, you can contact the International Coach Federation (ICF) at 2365 Harrodsburg Rd, Suite A325  Lexington, KY 40504 or call (888) 423-3131 during regular business hours.  Ultimately, each of us is responsible for our own treatment and change. I can not guarantee a particular outcome, but I can promise that I will devote my full attention to you during our time together. If you think I am not helping, please discuss this with me so that I can make appropriate changes, or refer you to another professional.

UNDERSTANDING & CONSENT FOR PARTICIPATION: New clients will receive a Client Disclosure Statement acknowledging that they have had an opportunity to ask questions regarding my coaching practice, that they understand the information provided, and that they consent to coaching with me.

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