We offer a variety of assessments that provide a framework for personal insight. A thirty minute assessment consultation is included with each purchase. One of our coaches will help you to interpret and contextualize your results, as well as how to apply your new knowledge to your life in a constructive and empowering way.

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DISC + Motivators

With this personalized and comprehensive combined report, you will understand your unique DISC style, as well as the tendencies of each behavioral style and the 7 Motivators that drive you. The report also explores adaptability and offers actionable recommendations for you and others who interact with you.

DISC 360

A deeper dive into your personal DISC type and how others percieve your behavorial style. This assessment goes a step further to reveal what makes you unique, through greater understanding of your own behavioral tendencies and blend of motivators while incorporating composite feedback from your team.

Leadership Effectiveness 360

This assessment will identify your areas of strength, and your areas in need of improvement associated with critical leadership competencies. Your personalized report will serve to guide you in developing your personalized leadership development plan, utilitzing composite feedback for a full picture.

Emotional Intelligence

This assessment will measure your emotional intelligence through four distinct quotients: Self-Recognition, Social-Recognition, Self-Management, and Social-Management. Your results will show your strengths and weaknesses, increase awareness, and provide a framework for personal and professional improvement.

Learning Styles

This assessment will help you to review the balance of learning styles that you draw upon, and compare your mix of styles with other average scores. Use it to reframe and consider the implications for your future learning and how you might adjust your own approach to optimize the way that knowledge is consumed by you.

DISC Relationships

This assessment will be added to our catalogue in the near future.

Emotional Intelligence 360

This assessment will be added to our catalogue in the near future.


This assessment will be added to our catalogue in the near future.