Starting with “Why”

In 2009 I watched a powerful TED Talk by leadership expert Simon Sinek titled, ‘How great leaders inspire action’.  In his talk he explained that who we are can be modeled by 3 concentric rings of questions.  The outermost ring being “What?”, the center ring being “How?”, and the innermost ring of “Why?”

Going to work each day, attending that same Monday morning meeting, sending emails, or making calls might all be part of the “What” for a typical business day.  For many employees it might be “How” they intend to get a promotion or maybe just make it through their day.  However, to be truly successful, truly happy & passionate what if they started with the “Why”?  What if their “Why” was something like “I want to make a better world for others.”  How will I do it?  I will make a better world for others by responding to their need for communication.  What will I do to respond to their need for communication?  I will attend the Monday meeting, answer their emails, and return their calls!

Most of our day to day activities fill the “What” and “How” circles.  If the “Why” circle isn’t clear all of these activities can leave us feeling aimless and without purpose.  We can exhaust ourselves with the “What” and the “How” until we become despondent, angry, and resentful.

I suddenly realized that I had been chasing many different activities of my own, without intention, as I mindlessly struggled to achieve my unclear “Why”.  Today, I am changed, with fresh clarity about why I am here, how I will embody that, and what needs to happen day by day to achieve it.  When I get lost in the weeds and confused about the what and the how I return to my why and find center.

What is your “Why?”  I can help you figure it out.  Schedule an appointment to talk about it with me in more detail.